We had the pleasure of a weekend with Vince demonstrating & doing his treatments at Rugby Spiritualist Centre, such a grounded, Humble , gifted , talented , Honest Guy ( I could go on !!), my Husband & I experienced a treatment each with Vince , & it was fantastic , spoken to others who also were blessed with Vince testing them , & the results were amazing & astonishing, can't wait to see you again in March, you are already booked up, can't wait to see you again, you are always very welcome in Rugby.
Love your web site, will keep looking to see if you are near Rugby anytime before March 2016, as I will travel to you if its not too far, thanks again Vince xx
I would just like to say a huge thankyou to you, Vince for making me so welcome at my appointment last Friday, you made me feel so at ease right from the off. It was a wonderful experience & look forward to updating you in the future with my progress.
Thank you,
Diolch yn fawr
Karen xx
What a pleasure and delight to see Vince and his team,
an absolutely Fantastic Evening.
Vince is so genuine and a humble person to
Spirit and you can see the love he has for spirit/his team and
people he comes into contact with.
He is just himself, very natural, sincere and genuine.
What a absolutely fabulous night, so so
Uplifting, feel like a child in a sweet shop, in that
Spirit always amaze me. So many aspects.
The energy was magnificent.
Thanks to all concerned tonight 19.9.14
Love and may your dreams and aspirations come
True, you help so many, which can help with their
Dreams and aspirations.
God Bless
What a pleasure and delight to see Vince and his team,
an absolutely Fantastic Evening.
Vince is so genuine and a humble person to
Spirit and you can see the love he has for spirit/his team and
people he comes into contact with.
He is just himself, very natural, sincere and genuine.
What a absolutely fabulous night, so so
Uplifting, feel like a child in a sweet shop, in that
Spirit always amaze me. So many aspects.
The energy was magnificent.
Thanks to all concerned tonight 19.9.14
Love and may your dreams and aspirations come
True, you help so many, which can help with their
Dreams and aspirations.
God Bless

I was sceptical about psychic surgery. But my mom and I had read about this in spirit and destiny. We found Vincent and all I can say is WOW.

He is fantastic.

I had not been able to sleep because of my injury to my shoulder left shoulder from a car accident and my right from when I was on crutches for a very long time. After my surgery it got worse for 2 days and now over a year later I can say that in the past year i have only had shoulder problems 4 times and that was out of stupidity.

I will definitely be going back to Vincent in the future. I do recommend a try and I also now believe.

Thank you so much Vincent
My son and I attended the Mediumship development workshop on 22/02/14 and we both really enjoyed the day. Vincent is an excellent teacher, and his charismatic personality brings a lot of humour to the day. This was the first step for my son, and as a result his interest in developing the skills he may have, has now increased. We would like to send a very big thank you to Vincent for sharing his vast knowledge and amazing gift with us. Sharon and John Wallington.
wishing vincent a wonderful future with all his spiritual work, he is an inspiration to all big hugs x sylvia

Thank you Sylvia

Bless you thank you so much for the lovely comment x vince
your demo at Treforest S.N.U. church Friday 28th June 2013 was inspiring, I received healing for my hip and spine and felt "other hands" touching my back when yours were at my hips.
Yes it was an interesting night.
Thank you.

Hi Carole i am so pleased you enjoyed the evening thanks for coming along, keep me posted on any changes vince
On meeting Vincent I immediately felt that he is a very special person. He has a warm, friendly personality and makes you feel relaxed straight away. The whole experience was wonderful. I can only describe it as similar to the feeling you get when you are given an anaesthetic (without the needles) and you have that peaceful happy feeling for a few moments just before you go to sleep. The difference is that feeling lasts for about an hour.

I have been in great pain, struggling to walk and feeling very low about my health. After seeing Vincent I immediately felt better in every way. My pain has improved greatly, and for the first time in years I am optimistic about my recovery. I am so impressed with Vincent, I highly recommend him to everyone.
Hi Sharon , thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment on here i am so pleased that it has changed your life so much please keep in touch and keep me updated with your progress vince
Attended a trance mediumship workshop with Vincent along with others I had worked with before. The day was a great success particularly for me because I do not 'see' my guides. Initially I stopped myself going into trance but with Vince's help I overcame the blockage. I realised that my post traumatic stress disorder also had a psychic element which once the penny dropped the block disappeared. I and the others connected very strongly with spirit and our guides and passed on their information. It was a wonderful and illuminating experience. It was lovely to work with Vince who has gentle, considerate and compassionate male energy. He truly led the circle rather than directed it and we all benefited from his considerable experience. I would be very happy to work with him again.
I first heard of Vince in a magazine and took a few days to decide to email for an appointment. I got an appointment about 15 minutes from where I lived in the Midlands for about 3 weeks later.
I like others have dieted on and off, and decided enough was enough as I was totally unhappy with my weight.
When the day came I waited nervously as I had no idea what to expect and have to say he was lovely. He gives off such positive energy and is so nice with it. I had a psychic gastric band fitted and felt like �Twiggy� ha ha and when I came out felt so optimistic of losing weight.
I have lost 2 stone in total which I needed to do and feel great about myself. I recommend Vince to everyone who sees me and asks �what is the secret?� I reply Vince Fuller
Thank you
Sarah Evans

Hi Sarah thanks so much for leaving the kind Feedback i know it helps others who read this glad your doing so well
Hi Vince,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for seeing me yesterday. I have been feeling extremely positive since I saw you, which is a great feeling after the depression I have had to live with in the past. Also after having the Psychic Gastric band, I haven't felt hungry at all whereas before all I could think about was what I was going to eat. I have had to force myself to eat something small for breakfast this morning because I simply have no appetite. The biggest bonus is that I seemed to have taking a liking to drinking just water, which I haven't done in years. I virtually lived off Pepsi Max like it was an addiction because no other drink felt like it could quench my thirst. Now I just don't fancy it at all.

I will keep you posted :-)

Hi Julie thanks for letting me know how you getting on it was lovely working with you keep to thr rules and you will do fine :-) speak soon
would like to say thank you for seeing me in December in Ebbw Vale. Since I came to see you I have been pain free and it's brilliant!! I have had scans on areas that I came to see you about but not had results as to date. As soon as I do I will let you know the out come but I am feeling very positive as I am feeling so well in myself! when I came out from seeing you I felt that well I could have skipped down the street. I would like to thank you once again for seeing me .

Hi Michelle no thank you for coming to see me i'm so pleased your doing so well thanks for letting me know Vince
hi vince,
just wanted to let you know that you have caused quite a stir since your visit to ebbw vale in south wales on 17th of november. word has spread about all the good work you have done and i think your going to be coming back to wales a few times next year, i can't thank you enough for the healing feeling great, and everyone that saw you that day say the same what a really nice person and such a gifted one at that. look forward to your next visit.
many thanks. pat (enigma)

your very welcome pat it was such a lovely day i can't wait to come back thank you for looking after me so well Vince
Booked in tomorrow with Vincent for a gastric band fitting. Have tried all types of diets for years so can't wait to have psychic surgery to put an end to my miserable weight problem. I'm so excited. Will post next week with an update.
Hi Vince, I come to see you on the 30th October for the band, i am so amazed how i feel,the 1st week i lost 5lbs and have been eating 3 meals a days. The picking has stopped and people are saying how well im looking . So i just want to say a big thank you and will keep you updated.
Thank you so much Vince, came to see you last Tuesday, truly amazing, so wonderful to meet you.
I can honestly say that I feel fantastic, the gastric band is definately working. I feel so focused, have lost weight, and am eating really healthy, and no booze! Really really appreciate what you have done for me, and wouldnt hesitate to recommend you. I will keep you updated on my progress, because I know you truly care. Thanks again Vince, you are a star xxx
Thank you Vince so very much, for the time you spent with us on Tuesday. I have to say so far, so good, feel so much better, and the band is definately working. I know its early days, but feel so very positive, thanks to you.

We appreciate all you did, and wont hesitate to recommend you.

Get your car serviced, Barnet here you come. With love and thanks Sally
part two

the doctor told me if i hadnt lost the weight we wouldnt have found it . so thank god in meeting vince and the doctor from the otherside whom together saved my life by allowing me the gastric band .
yes ive had my breast removed and vince has done healing on me and im feeling great i just want to say thank you so much vince and doctor patterson i love u both i had surgery on the 10-10-12 and am doing really well xx
i first heard of vincent in a magazine and took a few week s to pluck the courage up to email him from the start he was lovely we had a little chat then i booked appointment. you see for years ive suffered with my weight and have been unhappy at this time i d had a gall bladder operation and was still in alot of pain so i decided to see him for a gastric band he didnt rush we talked then fitted the band and did some healing on me when i left i felt like a new person over the next few days my gall bladder pain went and i exercised and have lost nearly 3 stone and ive never felt so good in all my life. then i started to feel a bit tired and was in the shower when i found a lump in my breast i went to see the breast surgeon who told i had breast cancer
I went to see Vince on 6th aug, and im dissapointed to say that the band isnt working for me :(. I havent lost an ounce :(. I have done everything Vince told me to do and have followed the 'rules'. I have even swapped my big dinner plate to a smaller plate, then went to a side plate now Im eating of a saucer!!!!! I dont eat crap foods and ate healthy before seeing Vince. Can anybody give me any advice or help??
I know there is a thinner person waiting to come out of this blob of a body of mine. XXXXX
Hi sorry to hear your having trouble with the band, all i can say is if your eating less and following the rules you will lose weight please try and keep with it, like i said this takes time , blessings vince
Travelled from durham area to have psychic surgery by vincent. Well worth it. Lovely bloke. Surgery working already. Will keep u updated. Was a real pleasure meeting u. Hugs x
Very nice and careing person. Vincent made me feel great . Well worth traveling 60miles for
thanks alison it was lovely meeting you too :-) vince
Hi, Ive got an appointment to see Vince tomorrow, will post next Sunday to let you know how I got on and how much weight Ive lost, I have at lease 3 stone Id like to loose, fingers and everything else crossed for me that it works :) XXXXXX Thank you.
Hi Vincent

Thanks for the two heaings that I have had for my COPD. I have looked at your diary dates and wanted to book another appointment for about begining July. When are you going to Bognor Regis again?

Can you send me healing as I have a bad infection in my left lung and a terrible cough.

Thanks Irene
hi im just wondering how much is ur phychic surgery and gastric band and were are u located

hi i'm located in reading just outside london
I had a band fitted on 16 Feb and feel great. A friend of mine is so impressed she wants to book for June. I cant thank you enough.
Hiya, im seeing Vincent tomorrow, im so excited, wont be able to please tonite :)
Hi Vincent
I had my gastric band fitted on friday 27th january i had a little discomfort overnight but feel great today ive been out for two fourty minute walks with my dog have more energy already and started a food diary just to keep an eye on things in the early stages, it sounds silly but i feel different and went shopping and didnt go near any chocolates but to fruit veg and yogurts im more positive ,the only problem im having is trying to drink alot of water im managing four half pint glasses but hope to add more in time thanks so much vince for helping me x
Hey Vince , thank you for getting back to me with my making a gastric band appointment in sunny Scotland ....,, ha ... But a was glad to share with you my own work as a physical medium through transfiguration which a enjoy as it bring an amazing healing to see your lost loved one & the proof speak's for itself .. Gosh bla bla bla that's me , anyho a spoke to the lovely Gorgina & yes a have secured an appointment & a just want to say ....YEA .. Many thanks to Gorgina for squeezing me in ... ( pardon the pun ) see you & Gorgina soon .. Peace out lexi. Newill .

Thats fantastic i look forward to meeting you and hearing about your Mediumship

hi vincent, i reed about you in a magazine article, and wanted to know if you could help me please with my problems.

Yes i'd love to try and help, please send me some contact details
Hiya Vincent was wondering if u can explain more about the Psychic Gastric Band I am very interested and would like to have it done I am 13st 3lb and find it hard to loose weight x

yes i use physical energy to squeeze your stomach and help you with the problems with eating

Incase..Heather Chandler... dawnchandler54@hotmail.co.uk
Hello Vince.I have left you mail under Heather Chandler (Im Heather dawn and use both names),I really do need help,please read my mail thats been left for you.been so busy between hospital and looking after my mom and partner that I didnt get back on line.I live in Bristol and can travel if need be,please email me Vince,I have left my details for you...MANY MANY THANKS
Hi Vincent ,
Came to see you a week ago (13th October ) and had an amazing experience , how blessed you are in your gift .The gastric band fitted by Dr Petersen through you is working so well and I have lost 6 pounds .Many people view overweight people as weak people ,whereas many are that way because of their life experiences as they comfort eat to deal with their sadness .During my session not only was the band fitted but I received healing for my other problems and view life very differently now and this is what is helping me to go forward on my journey to happiness .Not everyone has an illness you can see and I am so glad to have heard of you and feel truly blessed to be able to see you and receive my "HEALING " .Blessings always
Hi, i had a psychic gastric band 2 weeks ago now and have so far lost an amazing 13lbs!! After trying almost every diet and failing i am now beyond happy!!! I feel fantastic in myself and no longer have any sort of cravings. If i have fancied a sweet treat i have had it but i have also had the desire to exercise so have probably burnt off any extra calories. You have really changed my whole way of thinking about food and exercise. Besides the weight loss i have just felt healthier an happier in myself. I truly believe you have changed my life. I honestly cant thank you enough for what you have done for me. xxx
I heard of you today and thats why Im here,hoping and praying that you can help me,please!!
hi dawn sorry for the delay had problems please leave me some contat details and i will do what i can to help
Vince is helping a good friend of mine at the moment and has been doing so since i put him in contact with him. Recently i was able to meet up with Vince while he was performing his amazing abilities on my friend. What amazed me the most was how my friend actually responded to Vince as soon as he entered the room it was quite mindblowing as he was in a deep sleep beforehand. I know my friend has so much to be thankful for in having had the opportunity of experiencing the healing that Vince has performed on him and i am absolutely 100% sure that the healing is definately proofing to be a great help for him. The only thing i would like to change (which i cant) is the fact that if i had known Vince alot sooner then im pretty sure my friend would have been totally cured from his suffering
Thank you for your healing for me & lisa, look forward to our next visit. Love & light
I had my band fitted on 22nd May , not wanted to eat much , want more fruit and veg , its great , I can watch my daughter eat chocolate and I dont want even 1 piece its such a good feeling , Thanks Vince your a top bloke xxxxxxxx
Hi Vince, Thanks for a very inspiring talk last Friday. I liked the down to earth way you talked about your extraordinary life-journey so far. I think it takes a whole lot of courage to walk the path you're on. Hey! I look forward to my session with you and your stirling 'Team'. God Bless you x
5 weeks ago Vince performed Non Invasive Psychic Surgery on me; I had a psychic gastric band. Since then, my health has improved and I have lost more weight in one month without trying than I have in 8 years of dieting! I am now physically unable to eat snack foods but I enjoy well proportioned healthy meals.
Vincent is a wonderful man who tailors his surgery to your individual needs and charges a lot less than he should!
I would recommend anyone needing to lose weight for whatever reason to seriosly consider this method. It is the safest way of dieting that I know of. You are never hungry and never at risk of developing an eating disorder.
Hi Vince, meeting you has changed my life! Not only did you fit me with a psychic gastric band, which is helping me more than I could have imagined, but more importantly you are helping my son with his ongoing bowel problem. He may be only 12 but he has such faith in you and the work you do. he is looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx
Was great to meet you on Sunday & thank you & Spirit for my Healing. My neck continues to feel more comfortable, not as rigid & stiff as it has been for years after surgery left me with nerve damage & meant i had to be medically retired. Still got the tinnitus in both ears but not so deaf in right ear :-)
Was also nice to meet up with Lorraine, hope to see you both again soon x x
hi ya vince, i just checked your new site and its bril. vince just want to thank you so much for giving me my life back, i just wish id have meet you 11 years ago. i love and trust you 100% i cant believe i wasted so many years of not being able to go out alone and thanks to you ive got my life back, thank you so so much vince xxxx
hi vnice just checked your web site out i feel more relaxed now on having the gastric band done on the 5th cant wait to experience the joy everyone else is having xx

Hi Vincent, i'm loving your website, sending you love and thanks for helping me, and looking forward to seeing you in March, xx
hi Vince the new web site is just amazing well done
Hi Vince ....Absolutely brilliant site . Very clear and informative also easy to navigate around unlike some sites. There is so much to learn from you and your testimonials speak for themselves .. All the best my friend ..always <3 :-) xx