All these testimonials are written in their own words.  

I have had no hand in writing them and all of these people are contactable




Hi Vince
Just wanted to drop you an e-mail as promised, not sure if you remember me..but I met you on the first day
and had a wonderful healing treatment with your guides;
I had the throat infection and tooth problem and you kindly treated me again the next day for a little top up.
How are you? Hope you have taken some time out since the fab event and really hope you felt it was a
worthwhile festival and you had some nice folk pass through.
It was really lovely to meet you and your friends and I did agree to give you some feedback, so here goes......
I could not have enjoyed my weekend without your timely intervention, I really did feel very unwell when we both met
just by chance but I was trying to smile through, as I do. It worked very quickly and not only within the throat area
but my lower back. my husband was really worried up to that point that I may need medical treatment but it
was not required following time with you so a very big thanks. Yes, I did dip a bit on the Sunday but my throat has
cleared up and more importantly I don't feel as ill as I did with all that infection in me. I am now left with a dull
toothache so clearly that was the problem area, although I know your guides detected some areas, in particular,
my oesophagus region. It has now highlighted to me that the tooth needs to come out and I've since seen the dentist
and this has been confirmed although the x-rays were inconclusive. I'm due to see a specialist dentist on 31 July,
he may extract it then or as it may be a problem to extract he will postpone to a later date. If you had been closer
to where I live, I would have held out and come to you for some more treatments but sadly you are not.
I appreciated this area of dentistry is in it's infancy for you, so thank you for offering this for me at the event.
I cannot thank you enough Vince and it was so nice to spend sometime with you just on a natural level of discussion,
honesty and understanding given I felt we connected....if that makes sense.
You are a lovely person Vince and hold your head high; I hope our paths cross in the future but if not I really do feel
honoured to have met you, particularly as mentioned to you I hope over many years of practise with my guides to
channel healing in the same way. I'll work hard and thank you for your kind words.
Take care and please keep in touch if you want to, 





July 2013


Hi there Vincent. Thank you for the psychic surgery that you performed on me at the
Treforest Spiritual church on the 26th of June. As promised I am giving you an update.
Ive had osophageal reflux for 10 years and have to take a proton pump inhibitor every day.
Since the surgery this has decreased by only needing one or two when needed.
It also made a big difference to my spiritual development which has really taken off!!.
I have felt far more relaxed since and also problems with my kidney had made a remarkable
difference to my general health. Athough I complained of acid reflux I was having a problem
with my kidney. Dr Patterson went straight to my kidney area and worked there for most
of the time, and i found this amazing that he should have picked this up.
What an amazing gift you have been given.
You have also given encouragement to carry on with my spiritual development
and so I thank you and your spirit workers for making such positive changes in my life.
ps - I went to Joddrell bank on saturday the 6th to see Ausie Pink Floyd.
 I could have sworn I saw you there. If not it was most deff your doppleganger.
Please thank Dr, Patterson for me. Sending love and light to you.
                Yours sincerely Lynne Rees





Gary Lloyd - July 2013


What Vincent did for me at the Healing Weekend in Somerset was nothing

short of amazing, i have been suffering for years with Torn Patellar tendons,

my knees are a nightmare of excruciating pain and cause major difficulties

when walking, Specialist Doctors have not helped at all, even at this

weekend I had been in pain and could not sit down and get up without

extreme concentration, after spending some time with you and you working your surgery

all I felt was a numbness in my knees as if I had been given some form of numbing medicine

as in a Dentist giving a jab in the gums, when I stood after

your treatment the pain had gone and my legs are the best they have been in years,

as for the other treatment we shall wait and see, but thank you very much indeed,

and i shall keep you posted, you have a very special gift my friend  

Gary Lloyd (Coventry)




Sandra Cummins - Nov 2012


'Many thanks for the healing session I had with you yesterday.   Just to remind you,
I was suffering for several weeks with a very painful and stiff neck.  I did not know
what had brought it on.  You were able to advise me on the cause (swollen glands, my
body fighting back to rid itself of toxins following a year long programme of chemotherapy
and herceptin, radiotherapy and an operation to treat breast cancer.) 
Where do I begin telling you how grateful I am for the powerful healing benefits I have
received from the 3 healing sessions I have had from you between March and November
this year.   The painful neck issue, resolved itself within 24 hours of seeing you!  But what
I am most grateful for is being able to avoid having to have a mastectomy.   I am
technically cancer free today! and intend to keep it this way, by eating nutrionally raw
super foods, continuing to have booster healing sessions with you and living a more positive
and happy life.  Being kinder to myself.  I just wanted you to know, that your healing sessions
have definitely contributed massively to my healing journey and I thank you for this from the
bottom of my heart.  And just to top it off, yesterday, I had the pleasure of having one of your
surgeons speak to me directly while you were in trance, very thrilling to hear and feel a distinct
energy change and a very 'posh' voice giving me instructions to carry out ('please take a slow
gentle deep breathe in.......and out') and thanking me for my co operation!'





Sarah Mcneil

Jan 2012



Hi Vince thank you for seeing me on friday the 27th january it was an experience i ll

never forget just in a few days ive got more energy than ive had in the last four years

im out walking our dog with my hubby who is so surprised in the change in me just after

a few days is looking forward to the new me !



Karen Houldey

Surgery May 2011

Hi Vince, I wanted to say a big thank you for what you did for me, since seeing

you a month ago i have lost a stone and a half, but more than that, i have had

no niggly aches and pains, and have felt fantastic. I am not one to scream about my

loss on here, but i do comment on others and have told friends, who i believe

who are coming to see you on Saturday, and also i have heard you have now

booked a session in June also in the Midlands, i cannot thank you enough and

have spread the word. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx




Dianne Emery 7th March 2011

Gastric Band & Surgery 


Hi Vince, after our meeting yesterday i decided to tell you a little more about

myself and how my life has changed, I grew up a middle child, the one who could

always look after herself so didnt need the attention or love from my mother

as the others did, or so my mother seemed to think, then two failed marriages,

one of which was abusive and violent, when you get told on a regular basis that you

are fat, ugly, and worthless, you eventually begin to believe it, as my life

progressed, partly due to my weight, partly to do with inherited illnesses, and

partly i believe due to the stress in my life, i developed serious health issues,

i have osteo arthritis in all my major joints, sponderlitis of the entire spine, asthma,

life threateningly high blood pressure which eventually led me to have two strokes

and be in a wheelchair for over two years, i gradually recovered enough to leave the

wheelchair behind, but was still debilitated by my joints, my knees and lower spine

have given me constant pain, i couldnt even walk around a supermarket, i knew that my

weight was not helping and was getting more and more concerned about my mortality,

you do not see morbidly obese people living to old age, and as i will be fifty nine this year

it has been on my mind more and more. Then Vince, by pure chance i found you, and you have

turned my life around full circle, my first encounter with your incredible gift, was my

psychic gastric band, for years i have yo yo dieted and lost weight, put it back on, lost weight,

put it back on, feeling deflated, unhappy, hungry, and thoroughly miserable, but since my surgery

with you, i have lost twenty five pounds in the first month with absolutely no effort at all, no hunger,

no guilt, no feeling the urge to cheat or pick at food, my whole attitude to food and my need for it changed,

it no longer controls me or my life, i also mentioned to you at that visit that i had several health issues,

but i did not tell you what they were, you calmly said " i will ask the spirits to look at those too " incredibly,

after that meeting with you i noticed a change right away, i called at the supermarket on my way home

and got a trolly as i always did, even if i only needed a couple of things i had to use a trolly so i would

have something to lean on, this time it was different, this time i could walk upright with out having to

almost lie across the trolly, and incredibly i walked around the whole supermarket instead of just a couple

of aisles, the changes continued, my blood pressure dropped and my gp needed to remove some of my

medication, the swelling in my legs went away and the IBS that i suffered with for years has dissapeared,

i was not quite pain free but i could function in my daily life which i could not do before, everything i did

and everywhere i went had to be planned out before hand to make sure i would not have far to walk, but now,

i have every confidence that after my second visit to you, the improvements will once more astound me,

you are truly a very special person Vince, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart, with much love and admiration, Dianne. xx



Melissa Cureton

Surgery Feb 2011


i had surgery with vin about 4 weeks ago, and must admit was the best experience ive had, i was out for what seemed like 20 mins but was over an hour my heart lungs and kidneys were worked on havent had 2 take my inhaler now since surgery, also had a chest infection a few weeks ago and was sent for a chest xray and results came back normal this is the first time my lungs have been clear for 3 years as ive had shadows left by scarring from pneumonia, also since surgery i have felt so much better i have so much energy now i just cant stop, before i was tired all the time, i would definatley reccomend it to anyone im so glad i went through with it because its changed my way of life for the better, havent looked back since thanks vin your amazing xx



Psychic Gastric Band

by Ann Bloxwich on Tuesday, 08 February 2011 at 10:24

I had my psychic surgery on Saturday 6th February, and, having seen Vince work before, was really looking forward to it. He sat me down and asked me what my weaknesses were, any concerns I had and what I wanted to achieve. As I lay on the table I suddenly felt as though I had been covered with a blanket of ice. It wasn't uncomfortable though. Vince got to work as I lay there totally chilled. The whole thing took 45 minutes, although it only felt like 15.

Afterwards I felt relaxed and calm, and a bit giddy, which soon wore off. When I had my evening meal I could not eat more than half of it, and have found that food really doesn't seem interesting to me in the way it did before. I don't feel the need to be stuffing my face all the time.

I did eat a full meal last night, and felt so bloated and queasy afterwards I wished I hadn't - I think I was testing to see if it had worked! I have no doubts that it has, and would recommend this to anyone before they take the conventional route.

Vince, you have actually changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough xx



Psychic Gastric Band written by Bev Blunn

          Psychic Band fitted 6/2/2011

by Medium Vincent Fuller


I must admit I was a little nervous when I decided to have this surgery. I was expecting to have it in March but there was a cancellation so I had it a month early. When I arrived Vince was his normal bubbly self and any fears I had went staight away. Vince talked me through what was going to happen and what to expect then he got to work. I thought we'd been there around 20 minutes when in actual fact it had been 45! I was awake (or at least I think I was!) and felt totally relaxed throughout the whole procedure. I had no dizziness, did not feel in the slightest bit uncomfortable and certainly no pain whatsoever, just a tingling feeling through my whole body. It was really nice.

 I got home and my fiancee cooked our tea. I ate around a quarter of it then I was full but didn't mind that I couldn't eat the rest. I was satisfied. I had a cereal bar for pudding and that was it for the day. Normally I'd have supper but I really didn't need it!

 Day 2 of my psychic band and it's been really weird to say the least. I had breakfast which is unusual for me. Around half 11 I felt a bit peckish so went downstairs at work with the intention of just having a crackerbread. I made myself a cup of coffee (which is right next to the crackerbread) then came back upstairs with the coffee!

 I went to Sainsbury's for my lunch which I normally do on a Monday. I had lunch later than normal because I was still full from breakfast. I went to the salad bar where I would normally choose a large salad pot and fill it with eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice etc on one side of the pot, then pineapple and grapes in the other side. Instead I chose just 3 small chicken portions; 2 drumsticks and a thigh, along with a mini salad pot with pineapple and grapes.  I ate the drumsticks but could not eat the thigh. I ate all of the fruit and was full up! I  would normally eat 4 times the amount.

 I have just eaten all of my tea which is a normal portion size for me, but I would normally be craving something sweet by now. I am not, I'm absolutely fine with what I've had. In fact I feel like I have slightly over eaten lol

 I am so pleased that I decided to have this done and would urge anyone who wants to lose weight naturally to try it. No more fad diets or crash diets or yo-yo diets or any kind of diet for that matter!  I feel absolutely fantastic and that is building my confidence no end.

 Thank you to Medium Lorraine Ash for introducing me to Vince. I just know it's going to change my whole outlook on life forever and thank you Medium Vincent Fuller for making this possible xx

 Day ThreeI got up late for work this morning so didn't have time for breakfast. Normally when I do that I'd pop into the cafe over the road from where I work and grab some thick toast with butter.  This morning, I walked past and had a small pot of custard with a cup of coffe when I got to work.

 Lunchtime I had 2 crackerbreads with tuna and another small pot of custard. This is normal for me on every other day but Monday, but by mid afternoon, I'm downstairs snacking on cereal bars. Not today. I was stuffed!

 Got home and had a fairly normal size tea but just 2 veggie sausages instead of 3 and no pudding!  I'm quite sure that's me done for the night now, cause I did the same yesterday and stayed up till after midnight without needing supper. That's not like me at all lol.

I'll update daily if I can and would love to hear anyone else's stories too. Hi folks!

Day 7

Well I have done my first week with my band and to say I'm pleased is an understatement. I've lost 6 and a half pounds!


I think everyone has got the jist of how it's going now, so rather than bore everyone to death with a menu of what I've eaten, I'm just going to update my notes once per week unless any significant changes have happened.


That's all from me until next week, and I would love to hear how everyone else is doing too xx




Anne Bulcraig. Professional Medium.

Working as a professional medium for the past thirteen years, I have come across many good healers and mediums, but can honestly say that Vince is, without doubt, in a league of his own.   I met Vince over five years ago, and in that time have watched him progress massively with his healing abilities. The healing he offers is literally 'out-of-this-world' and, speaking from my own experiences, the results far surpass any other healing I have EVER received.   I have suffered with severe asthma and lung problems for many years, and have been overwhelmingly grateful that I have been privileged enough to receive healing from Vince.    I have found other forms of healing no more than a 'quick fix' so to speak, but Vince's healing seems to somehow reach into the very heart of the problem so that long time good health can be achieved, and - more importantly - maintained!   Amazingly, Vince has even been able to send his professional team of Spirit Doctors to visit me without him being present. The healing I received within this amazing session has given me incredible relief from my breathing difficulties.   Anyone meeting Vince will know almost immediately that they are in the presence of an extremely powerful (but humble) messenger of God. His natural integrity, great kindness and unconditional love for his patients is inspirational to witness!   I would be delighted if anyone wanted to talk to me about Vince and the healing I've received from him.    




Gastric Band

Joanna Todd


I've just come out of my session with Vince Fuller who carried out psychic surgery on me; in particular the psychic gastric band.


I thought I'd tell you about my experience as, probably like me, you're looking at this web site wondering "should I?" "what happens?" "should I?"


I can answer all of those - When you first meet Vince he chats wth you, explaining what he's going to do, asking you what you want out of this and generally putting you at ease. We chatted until he was sure I was ready and then I was taken into the "treatment room" and lay on the table. Now I'm huge (for now) and it held me so don't worry - it will hold you :).


There's soothing music in the back ground and Vince, once he was sure I was comfortable, became still whilst readying and preparing himself. Then he placed his hands on my head, shoulders and back all the while explaining what he's doing. Not long after the Doctor comes through, introduces himself and explains what he will be doing. It's pretty amazing. You start to feel a slight ache inside as he works on you, but it doesn't hurt, and at one time I felt an intense coldness when he placed his hands on me and then, on another place a strong heat which went again as soon as he removed his hands. All the time though I felt completely at ease and happy. I just felt really happy.


Before you know it, it's finished. It lasted about an hour but it seriously didn't feel half that long.


I felt quite light headed at first but not for long and we chatted some more and Vince took me through some "do's" and "don'ts". Sitting there I could feel "something". It's a bit of an ache, you know the type when you've excercised and "found" a muscle you never knew was there?


I've read some of the other experiences on this site where they talk about only heading for the healthier foods rather than the rubbish we normally eat. It's absolutely true! It's automatic. Quite amazing. Don't get me wrong my shopping trolley wasn't completely lettuce but it certainly did hold a lot more healther items than I would have normally put in.


So. Should you? Yes you should! You've only got something to lose - so to speak :)




Non-Invasive Psychic Surgery

By Medium Lorraine ash


I thought to save all the mail I am getting asking about my Surgery yesterday I would write a blog type note and update it daily where possible.


For those that do not know I have had Fibromyalgia and Lupus for more than 25 years. I also have arthritis in my knees and shoulders.


After talking with a dear friend I decided on trying psychic Surgery. I figured anything is worth a try and I tried just about everything else.

I guess the decision was made easier for me as it is a friend that performs this work along with his “team”

I shall not tell you whom he is until a week today as we see how this progresses.

I no for fact how many people he has helped, but trust me, if he can help me he can help anyone ;-)

 How it’s done from my point if view....

We sat on two chairs; he sat behind me and told me to relax. He then went into a trance state and placed his one hand on my back and one on my shoulder. I could feel his energy and the warmth that entered my muscles first.

From time to time he stood and places his hands on my head and back to different areas of my back.

I was so calm and 50 minutes later I opened my eyes and felt I had been sat 10 minutes. Time stood still.... and in all honesty that is all I can tell you.


After it I felt kind of buzzing discomfort at all, just very relaxed but tired and slept for 4 hours.

Just like anything traditional we have to wait to see the changes.


Today is day one...

For the last ten years I have had to, in a fashion, dance in bed to get my legs moving as they are so stiff. Today I moved them and though ok...that’s odd. The odd bit was they are not stiff. Only my knees today and with that I can cope.

For more than 15 years my breakfast has been coffee, toast, 2 Tramodol and 1 Indomethcine.

Today I had just the coffee and toast, as to yet I don’t feel I need any tablets.

The pressure points in my back are fine and I am sat typing with no discomfort.

The only real problem I am having today is my knees, not painful at all, just sore and swollen. But they have always been that way.

Lets wait and see what tomorrow brings eh.....


I did ask him to rewire my head so I didn’t see the “other” people. When he stopped laughing he said he didn’t think he would be allowed to do that.

No fun at all!


Just kidding.

Have a good day and will keep this up to date when I can





I HAD Fibromialgia for 25 years!

Psychic Surgery

By Kaz Wotton


Last Sunday I witnessed the most amazing thing.

Many of you know recently I had psychic surgery and after the shocking transformation in my own health I wrote a blog about it. The response to it was amazing and today I held a clinic at my home for Psychic Medium Vincent Fuller to perform such surgery on a few of my Facebook friends.

I observed all but one and asked if I may blog for them so as their friend could follow there progress.




Non Invasive Psychic Surgery

Today ~~~ Kaz Watton


Kaz was the last to get onto the treatment table on Sunday.

Before the session began vincent said they had told him this one would be different.


Kaz got onto the table face down, while Vincent sat at her side on a chair and slowly went into a trance state.

He lent forward and placed one hand on her back, but this time he stood immediately. He stood very still as if undecided what to do.....he made a very soft sighing noise then leant towards Kaz’s head.

He tells her she has to relax and that she needs to let go of the stress, the pain and the anger.

He continued to talk to her in a voice I did not really understand. It was Vincent voice but he had a different accent.  Different mannerisms, a look about him.

I knew this was hypnosis, and also know he is a trained hypnotherapist, but this wasn’t him? .My “Big fella” friend was talking in the softest, quietest voice I ever heard.


The room seems full of colour, a very pale Aquamarine colour.


He talked for about 30 minutes with no pause, then he stood upright. Vincent then moved around the table and placed both hands onto Kaz’s head and very precise movements were made.

Again he stood upright and moved back to the  he moved around the table he spoke and nodded towards the door as if to someone else.  Vincent then sat back in the chair and slowly returned.  He talked Kaz round and she said she was fine, her head felt hot and it was like he was coming back from a deep sleep.

Vincent told me he believed he had been in trance but knew it was hypnosis. This was the first time he had worked this way.


It was amazing to watch.....

One observation which may sound an odd thing to need to write but I feel I need to.  Throughout the entire treatment Vincent called Kaz one calls her that, not even  myself or Vincent.


I already know the difference this has made to Kaz and I am hoping she will use this blog to keep us all informed.  




Psychic Surgery

By Charlie Bray


Today I witnessed the most amazing thing.

Many of you know recently I had psychic surgery and after the shocking transformation in my own health I wrote a blog about it. The response to it was amazing and today I held a clinic at my home for Psychic Medium Vincent Fuller to perform such surgery on a few of my Facebook friends.

I observed all but one and asked if I may blog for them so as their friend could follow there progress.




Non Invasive Psychic Surgery

Today ~~~ Charlie Bray


Angina and Severe Head Aches


Vincent sat explaining to Charlie that there may be some discomfort fr a few days following the procedure and that is is total normal. While doing so he also said that they needed to treat something else though he at that time did not know what it was.


Charlie is lay face down on the treatment bed with Vincent sat at his side.

Slowly I watch Vince go into a trance state and slow lift both of his hand above Charlie placing one on his left shoulder and one onto his back.

From Vincent's stature and motions I could see this was not him, he lent right forward head bowed and motionless for a while. Almost immediately I see almost sparks everywhere around them both. I am so glad as a medium I was the one to witness this and write about it...if I were not the lights and sparks would never of been written of as they would not of been seen.


Vincent then stood, eyes closed and his movements very staggered. He raised his hand and was making small intricate movements and I could see surgery had begun. From the way Vincent was moving and standing I new this was a doctor I had not yet seem today.


My Son Daniel entered the room and walked both men and the table, I watched as he did a double take not knowing why.

He whispered to me that a man had nodded at him it was fine to walk around and that man was not Vincent Fuller.


Both hands now on Charlie s back, Vincent almost cupped his hands and scooped something up from Charlie s back bit a little off centre to the left. He raises it close to his face, eyes still closed, and inspects it. He makes odd facial expressions. He then tips the thing into one hand and messes and pulls a little with the other hand before putting it back to the exact spot he took it from. He does this with very precise movements.

He stood for a while with his hands on Charlie's back and see colours everywhere, colours so bright I have never seen any like them, almost like cartoon colours.


Vincent then moved around the bed and placed both hands onto Charlie's head. I sat and watched something so odd, even for me, to see.

I watched almost a red mist being drawn from Charlie's head....drawn away and go.

Not sure what Vincent would make of this, but for me red signifies anger.


Vincent then stretched out his own arm full to his side and then places it at the back of Charlies neck at a completely different angle.


The Doctor had changed, I seen this man for a brief time, tall, grey wavy hair with perfect stature.

Vincent changed the way he moved, his actions and his mannerisms. There was a pause in Charlie's breathing. A noticeable pause , and then back to normal. Vincent then moved back around the table and stood over Charlie's back area making sharp deliberate movements.

He then sat and I watched waves of energy around the room.


His hands returned to his lap and no movement from either men. After a short while Vincent opened his eyes and lent forward to speak to Charlie.....


I left them a time to chat.


Later Charlie told me it was an amazing experience, he felt no pain, a little fuzzy headed and at one point he was watching from outside his body.


Myself I wonder....was this the breathing change I was aware of. What was Vince scooping from him. That I couldn't see, but do feel it was his heart.


Vincent told Charlie that his one lung was bunged up and not working right, Charlies reply was that last year he had a lung capacity test to find he had lost 25% in one lung due to a job he once did.


I am hoping Charlie will keep us updated with his progress.....




Trance Hypnosis/Psychic Surgery Gastric Band.


I had my band done yesterday and don't know where to start.


Ok lets start with the surgery side if it. First of all I had a chat with Vincent about my eating habits and my weak points with food.

For me Biscuits, cake, chocolate, anything I should avoid, I love!

I have always had a problem with my weight ever since I was a kid.

After the chat I got onto the table and he did his work. I remember him putting his hand onto my back and talking to me and a feeling of a mild tummy ache. Then nothing till I sat up after the treatment.


I woke feeling fine and we chatted. Unlike my other surgery for my fibromialgia, I wasn't tired. I felt fine.


Now you need to know a few things about myself to grasp this, and even then I am not sure you will be able to as I can't. I just hope you trust me to know I am too straight to be lying to anyone. And also realise I have nothing at all too gain from writing this other than I know how many of my friends he can help with the same problems and many more than I have or have had.

I have never eaten salad, fruit or veg... just not bothered or don't like them.


About an hour after I had it done we sat down to dinner. I asked for fries when it was started. But Dan had also done some jacket spuds. I went in the kitchen and put onto my plate lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, chicken and a spud. I never did it consciously and when I realised I looked at Charlie and he laughed.

I love my tea, but never touched the jackets, I was too full.


I went to work and was fine.... when I get home the normal is toast and biscuits,lots of them!

When I got in a walked past the fruit bowl and picked up an orange, and began peeling it. I looked down at it more shocked than the lads. But I ate it and it was bloody lovely.


Now this morning gets even odder, trust me haha.


Usual 2 toast with loads of butter ( you don't get this big by eating muesli!)

This morning.....fruit!

Lunch is usual sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar. Today a yoghurt.

Tea...Its Friday so take-a-way . Today, all day I had a hankering for a pita bread, odd thing is I have never eaten them. But I did have that filled with chicken and salad. Just the one and I was full!


Now the thing is everything I have eaten today is as I chose to eat that, not that I felt I should. But I I chose it.


Bring it on I say!


I spoke to Vincent as another lady had it with me and she has eaten normal but hasn't picked a thing or eaten between meals. That was her problem area.

So my advice is be honest with him, the more honest you are the more he fits it to fit you. I have at least five stone to loose and I will....I know I will.


Thank you Vincent for being my friend and for changing my life, yet again!


By Lorraine Ash