Direct Link Distant Healing


Direct Link Distant Healing is mainly for people that have such a distance they cannot attend one of Vincent’s Surgery days.  These sessions are very popular with those in other countries or isolated locations but sill in need of strong Healing.



How it works


The most powerful form of Healing Vincent can administer is, of course, the Hands on Healing which means Vincent needs to place his hands on the patient, but the next alternative is the Direct Link Distant Healing. This is done in much the same way where he will go into an entranced state and will then link into the suffering person allowing the Spirit Doctors to work with them. Distance is no obstacle with this form of healing and each session takes approximately an hour. Unfortunately with this form of healing he can only Help one person at a time.


In order for Vincent to be able to do this you will need to fill out the Direct Link Distant Healing form. he will need a picture and location where the person is so he can try and help.

If you have any questions Please contact Vincent direct on


For this Form of Healing due to the Amount of energy and time needed he does ask for a donation for this you can pay via Paypal or send a Cheque.


He Asks for a Minimum Donation £30 for this 


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Every Penny Goes back into Helping others