I was born a natural medium which fully awoke in me at the age of 18. At that age, seeing and hearing dead people all of a sudden took me totally by surprise and I thought I was going mad! Being "bothered" day and night by spirits trying to communicate led me to seek advice from a well known medium. She helped me see who and what I really was, and that if I followed the path in front of me I had great potential to do good with the "gift" I had been born and blessed with. She informed me it would be a long and difficult journey, and she was so right!

While seeking help, having many doors closed in my face, I decided to embark on a solo journey of self discovery and development and over the next 20 plus years developed Mental Evidential Mediumship, but I always felt there was so much more ahead. I began experimenting with Trance Mediumship and then went onto Physical Mediumship. Both forms of mediumship are very demanding mentally and physically.  Putting trust in my Spirit Team, I continued developing into an area of Mediumship I call Quantum Mediumship. My main spirit guide then guided me to trust that this form of mediumship could be used to heal people. I began to have amazing results experimenting with Non-Invasive Psychic Surgery and people began coming to see me with all sorts of ailments to work on.

I have since had the pleasure to work on many people all over the country, travelling to hold surgery days and receiving wonderful feedback to the positive results people have felt with their ailments and conditions. Following the arduous and lonely times along my journey, I felt the knowledge I have gained should be shared and now also hold teaching days to help guide people into fulfilling their potential in mediumship.