If you know someone that needs Healing that Vincent can't get to please leave the name here and they will be sent Absent Healing every day at his Meditation

Please send healing to me for various health issues-bone damage and intestinal issues. Thank you so much!!
Dear Vincent, please could you send healing for myself. My right eye feels strained and I was told I have high pressures in my eyes. Thank you XX
Dear Vincent, please send healing to my mum Patricia. She has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and pray that with your help and assistance from the angelic realm that she will make a full recovery. Thank you xx
Dear vince could you please send some healing to my mother Annunziata.after having gall bladder op,she still has some stones remaining which at the moment causing pain and nausea.also,she has a hernia. Many thanks.
Dear vince could you please send some healing to my mother Annunziata.after having gall bladder op,she still has some stones remaining which at the moment causing pain and nausea.also,she has a hernia. Many thanks.
Dear Vince could you please send some healing to my best friend who currently has been fighting leukemia for this last year.and it's just come bk and she's very poorly at the minute.thank you.x
Please send healing to my mum Molly who's 80 . We've been told she has throat cancer as well as her bladder cancer and we're all devastated, and for my dad Peter who's 82 who had bladder cancer. If it's not too much trouble, healing for myself that I can look after them with reiki as best I can. Thank you so much.
hi vincent can you help my mum with vertigo problems please also me with carpal tunnel and r.s.i. so i can help her with both hands thanks
hi vince can you help my mum she is suffering from macular degeneration is slowly going blind ,now on top of that she has got vertigo , her name is june robinson
Please send healing for myself. Intestinal, bone, muscle, nerve issues. I live in USA. Thank you for this service!
Dear Vince, could you send some healing to my little 10 weeks-old granddaughter Kara, who has just pulled through after some very heavy heart surgery, but whose other problem (larynxomalacia) is making it extremely hard for her to feed. It's the throat/feeding problem I would love you to try and deal with, as her Mum (my daughter Kirsty) is having to spend 16 hours a day trying to wrestle with this.
My cousin Sally Arnold has a slipped disc in her neck and is awaiting to see her consultant. Sally is in lots of pain and is not at work at present. Please could I ask if you could send her some healing. Thank you very much and great demo tonight at Rugby. Jayne
Please send Absent Healing to my son Martin for getting good friends, he ist too shy, and is less self confident.Many thanks.
please send much needed healing to mary, many thanks
Dear Vincent I have had hands on healing with you before and it worked very well. Please could you send me absent healing for sciatica which is affecting my left hip buttocks and leg. It is very painful and is really getting me down. Thank you . From Margaret .x
Love this web site, please can u send absent healing to myself, Darren & Bailey Foster, Sylvia , Charles & Reed Price, thank you so much for offering the service, much appreciated xx
please send me healing,I would be most grateful. Mary hall
I have been diagnosed with oestrogen positive breast cancer and lymph node cancer. Please could you assist me with healing - I would be very grateful.
Absent healing for my Nose. I had nose surgery 2 weeks ago (septoplasty). Having problem breathing through nose, and very stuffy.I cannot sleep. Thankyou for reading and putting me on your meditation/healing list.
I truly believe you could hep heal Pam Ison she has had hip replacements and is struggling with her walking ability especially her knees and hips middle back. thank you Vincent and surgical team, many blessings to all. David
Could you please send absent healing to my mum bridie kelly. She is elderly and having on going problems with her gallstones. Currently a gallstone has got stuck in a duct near her liver, and she has to under go a procedure for this which in itself carries risks. Also her heart has been showing an irregular heart rate and she has had heart problems in the past. Thank you ever so much for any healing you can send, best wishes and many many thanks x
Hi Vincent can you send healing to my friend Lyn Witham who works with the angels herself to help others and she needs help now. She has suffered from fibromyalgia for years and gives all her energy to help others and theres not much left for her. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. Thankyou xx
Hello, I suffer from Fibromyalgia syndrom ME and spinal fusion. I'm about to have a hernia operation on right groin, I have another hernia on other side which is not getting operated on yet, on Wednesday 24th June. I am asking for healing please. Much love and Light.
Hello, please can you send healing for myself, I was told two weeks ago that I have a tumour on my right kidney and two spots on my lungs, I am staring chemo in the face and am terrified, please can you help, thanks.
Mr Fuller, i would be grateful if you would send absent healing to me ... I have Trigeminal neuralgia ,which is quite painful .I am currently on medication but as with previous med. the side effects are unpleasant. Thankyou, in appreciation.
Hi, please could you send some distance healing to me, I have badly sprained my ankle and have developed cellulitis in it. I also have heart problems? Cardiomyopathy and am awaiting investigation. Many thanks for your help
very I'll person cannot get out of bed rheumatoid arthritis shoulders legs arms all over cannot move please make her better
very I'll person cannot get out of bed rheumatoid arthritis shoulders legs arms all over cannot move please make her better
very I'll person cannot get out of bed rheumatoid arthritis shoulders legs arms all over cannot move please make her better
help me please I am in constant knee pain thumbs hurt and left arm I have diabetes type 2 and overactive thyroid a complete wreck really also need to lose weight to thank you
please help this stroke Alzheimer sufferer he recently had several small strokes that caused this his wife and son miss him he is in a care home thank you
diabetes type 1 can you help please Vincent he also has bleeding behind the eyes
i am in constant pain in the knees hand and left elbow can you help me please
my dad Sotiris has an aneurysm will he be ok
Please can you send me healing as in need of help. Thankyou
my daughter Rebecca has suffered a chronic infection that drs failed to treat properly,it has left her exhausted and suffering low mood and depression ,the infection spread to many sites across her body and vital organs.thankyou
plE symptoms and chronic tiredness for sometime and my work as a nurse now exhausts me after my shifts.Many thanks
Hello Vincent... Could you please send absent healing to both my daughters Monique (5yrs) and Alyssa (8yrs) Pligl. They both have had many health issues... We are from South Australia x
Hi vincent, Please can you send absent healing for my friend Bena who has a shadow on her womb as she might need a hysterectomy. Please can you send absent healing to my aunty marlene who has had breast cancer twice and my cousin Sue who has had stomach cancer. Thanks Matt
Hi vincent, i cant get to one of your surgerys at the moment as i live in west cumbria. Please can you send absent healing for myself for my right ankle and right foot as ive torn my right achilles tendon and its been painful for 3 months and is affecting my mobility and ability to walk. The orthopaedic surgeon said i might need an operation but i wat to try and avoid an operation if possible. Thanks very much. Matt
I have breast cancer. Please send me healing. Thank you. Su Foh
Dear Vincent ..... Could you please send me absent healing. I am suffering a great deal with fibromyalgia but I also have Had a virus for more than two weeks also a kidney infection. I am feeling pretty low right now and need some help from your healing guides. Thank you so much. Margaret.x
Can I please have absent healing for myself. I have an intractable gut problem. Stuck on 5 ingredients because gut reacts to anything else I try to eat and gives me rotational vertigo. Can you heal it so that my gut works properly? SUe
Dear Vincent, could you please send me Absent Healing for Fibromyalgia. It has got quite bad lately. I had hands on healing from you about 5 years ago and it really helped. God Bless.and thank you.. Margaret .
Plse send my son 'haseeb' healing for psorisis which is severe and stress which triggers it. Also plse send healing for my daughter 'aishah' who suffers from under active thyroid since the age of 10. She is now 21 and has other complications becoz of this. Tks
Plse send healing for my above named son who suffers from severe psorisis and stress. He is only 17 and has lost his confidence tks
Hi Vince, This time I would like to request absent healing for my sister, Ellen, who has neck pain and pain in her hands near her wrists due to worn/trapped nerves, she has had surgery on one hand, which only seems to have made it worse and does not want to have it on the other hand. She has to take pain killers everyday. Hoping you can help, many thanks Gerard
Hi Vince, Would you be able to send absent healing for my wife, Ursula, who suffers from lower back pain and can only be prescribed pain killers by the doctors. Many thanks, Gerard
Hi Vince, I would be grateful if you could send absent healing for myself, I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I am extremely worried about what to do, I do not want to have chemotherapy, because of the side effects and because it is ineffectual, would you be able to help me? with grateful thanks, Gerard
can you please sent absent healing for my mother (Jessie) she has bladder cancer and has treatment for it every 6months she has also become incontinent due to the treatment she would appreciate your help. thanking you.carol