If you know someone that needs Healing that Vincent can't get to please leave the name here and they will be sent Absent Healing every day at his Meditation

hi i would like to ask for absent healing to lose weight. my life is full of pains and the weight is taking its toll. i cant bear to go on like this vincent. i seem to have cut myself off from the outside world. i am taking a lot of tablets each day for health reasons and i find walking quite hard with the weight. my legs and back hurt so much please can you help me.
Posted by: rose ballisat ( - Date: 09/04/12 - URL: http://ballirose@hotmail.com
please could you help heal my mum,she had operation 6yrs ago,ended up with stoma.shes in constant pain,got large hernia because of it.what makes it even worse,she has macdegenerate eye problem,nearly blind.its so upsetting seeing her in so much pain,she is 80yrs old,in bed most of the time.i just want her to get better,thankyou for reading this
Dear Vincent,

Please can you send absent healing to my mom Angela she has very painful ulcers on both ankles, ostearthritis and needs a hip replacement. Many Thanks, Michelle.
hello vincent,i left a message about my mum,with stoma,eye problems,nearly blind,in constant pain.i forgot to leave her name.her name is Jean Ballisat.please could you send healing.thankyou.
can you please sent healing to my husband robert and i we need your help so much
Im hoping to win a gastric band but in case I am unlucky please may I have absent healing I have arthiritis, I am diabetic and desperate to loose weight, God bless you, for all the help you give to others.
dear vincent please can yousend me some healing for slight deafness in both ears thank you janet
Dear Vincent
Could you please send me some healing. I have arthritics of the lower back and it effects the whole body. Thanks Mary
Hi Vince I had surgery with you in Holywell, please will you send me absent healing thankyou
My Sister Maria Szpak has a Very Painfull Shoulder after having Breast Cancer can you send her Healing
Thank you Diana
Dear Vincent

Can you send healing to Brian who had brain tumour surgery and now suffers from dementia. He is a very gentle person and does not deserve this.

Thanking you.
Dear Vincent

Would you please be kind enough to send me absent healing every day, to help me with arthritis, although I have it all over, my legs are the worse and I find it hard to walk for very long without pain.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Hi vincent,
please could you send healing to me please
I am hoping to see you when you come to liverpool
thank you
hi vincI have tried to put my nam down for healing but was unable to
thank you
please send daily healing to doug who has cancer thank you x

sending now sharon x
Healing please for Lillia who is 6. She had her left eye removed a few days ago from "Retinoblsatoma", which is a rare eye cancer. Her doctor's are hoping they have removed the cancer completely.

Thank you for her healing.

sending now natasha x
Fell off horse 1 mth ago and have bad headaches now, docs couldn't find anything wrong!