Yellowblue has published its first book written by Christopher Charles this month.
The actual launch occurs on September 21st. Entitled THE HAND OF GOD, the
publication took over three years to research and write. It is the story of an English
Psychic Surgeon with extraordinary abilities called Vincent Fuller.

The book looks at the evidence Fuller offers in a balanced, grounded and rational
way which is then cemented by the healing experiences gained by the author and
others. There is even a Q&A final chapter with an intelligence calling itself ‘Our
Creator' who can communicate through Fuller. The knowledge passed over is
utterly astounding and will totally change mankind's understanding of physical life
and its purpose and meaning.

THE HAND OF GOD is the end result of 36 years of the author's intensive research
on all things alternative medicine, the paranormal, the spiritual and beyond. Also,
this book is the result of 25 years of Vincent Fuller's hard graft in learning about
healing and its practice. Between them they share over 60 years of investigation
and scrutiny of areas where angels often fear to tread.
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