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Posted on 4th February, 2013

i will be posting a Monthly News letter showing new Events, Workshops Teaching and surgery Dates and days if you would like to recieve this please message me at your email address or leave it below 



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I would be interested in workshop2 if your holding any later in the year or are visiting the Gilbert sanctuary. I'm told at 70 I do full transfiguration but don't know how to develop it to work in our temple trance circle xx
E mail address would help !!!! sharon-cook2@sky. Com. Thank you. Xx
Hello, am just under a year in on my personal spiritual discovery, I sit in circle and also a sitter for a amazing physical medium. My mind and heart in fully open to other peoples views, experiences and knowledge and I take what I call ' a golden nugget' of information of what feels right for me, away with me and blend it with my own beliefs and feelings. Therefore my connection with spirit becomes stronger. After reading your page, which is extremely clear and very informative, thank you very much for this. I would be extremely interested in finding out more of your work and attending one of your workshops, to be able to expand my discovery further. So please can you add me to your monthly newsletter mailing list. I wish you and your team all the very best. Thank you for the work that you do. Take care Sharon.
Please add me to your monthly newsletter mailing list.
Many thanks
Dear Vince,
Please add me in your monthly newsletter mailing list.
Thank you very much.
Kushilani Wijesiri

yes will do :-)