The Healing Centre


As many of you know I have been Practising Mediumship and Healing for a long time now, But This is a short story that happened to me a few Days ago in August 2013.

I’d like to start by saying that every step of my journey has been guided by spirit world and God, the only mistakes that have been made are when I didn’t trust them or think I know better “which has been many times “

Along this long journey to get me to this point has been a difficult one to say the least but I am still here working hard to Help as many as I can, after working last Tuesday I was discussing the days Surgeries with my friends from above and they informed me that there is a new part of my path to start and it is to open a Healing Centre for everyone to come to, and for those of you that know me will know I only make enough to allow me to get to the next venue to work, so I Laughed at them and said I only have enough for fuel to the next time to work how am I going to afford to do this as we all know we need money in this world to live and have buildings ,I was informed to put it up on this website and it will Happen, I always try and trust in them now so here it is , I then asked how much is needed they informed me that they will need £1,000,000 yes that’s one million pounds so I have trust that they know what they are doing,


So yes as crazy as this might sound I am going to Raise one million so if you would like to donate please connect to the donation page or and cheques to Vincent fuller send these to the crystal Dragon Address, failing this if you would like to discuss this with me please Email

Or call me on 07843414842



I will be putting a total of every penny donated on this page starting with me I shall be starting with £1


Thank you for taking the time to Read this






Total Raised to Date  £221.00