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Non-Invasive Psychic Surgery

After many years of  practising and developing my Physical Mediumship, my Spirit team informed me that I was finally ready for an entirely new and exciting form of Physical Mediumship – ‘Quantum Mediumship’.

Conventional Physical Mediumship is notorious for being extremely dangerous for Mediums who practise it, and many a good Medium has had their life shortened by their desire to bring this rare form of Mediumship to the world.

With Quantum Mediumship my Spirit-team use a unique form of energy. Rather than using  ectoplasm - a substance created by Spirit to manifest spirit-people or aid healing – Spirit use the new energy to manipulate matter within the body in a variety of ways. The Quantum Energy can even be used in natural light without being destroyed, which was rarely possible in the past. (Red and green lights were commonly used within the séance room).

 After a period of time, working with and perfecting this new Quantum Energy, my Spirit-team notified me that we would be able to use the new energy to heal people. This would be possible by altering the matter of a patient at a cellular level.

After receiving the green light from my Spirit-team, we began to experiment with volunteers, immediately receiving extremely dramatic results!!

As an outcome of the incredible successes being achieved so quickly, people now refer to me as the ‘Psychic Surgeon’.

 Now I am in great demand, and have found myself travelling the globe using the Quantum energy to heal a variety of conditions, from serious illnesses, to helping people control their weight. Phobias and depression can also be addressed and treated with a great level of success.

Due to the high demand and need for my unique work I now hold ‘surgery days’ from a base in Reading as well as travel all over the UK and abroad, and will do my utmost to see as many patients as my energy will enable me to within a day. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.