Mediumship Development Days


Mediumship Teaching days are growing in popularity due to peoples thirst for good knowledge and teaching techniques to move their spiritual progression forward and some solid foundations to build from, so I have devised teaching days called.

  • ·        Mediumship Number 1
  • ·        Mediumship Number 2
  • ·        Mediumship Number 3


On these days I will be covering everything from the very basic Psychic skills moving through all the techniques and different forms of Mediumship including Physical Mediumship. Detailed below is what will be covered on these fast paced fun filled days of discovery and growth.


Mediumship Number 1


Mediumship number one is for the absolute beginner. On this day we will be practising and unlocking any dormant Psychic and Mediumship skills covering a host of topics such as

  • ·        Meditation
  • ·        Auras
  • ·        Energy
  • ·        Meeting your Guides or spirit helpers
  • ·        How Psychics work
  • ·        How Mediums work
  • ·        Which direction to take your ability
  • ·        Testing your own skills
  • ·        And lots more


Please remember that all my days are very much "a get involved day" so if you wish to sit at the back and not say a word or get involved this isn’t the workshop for you. Everyone is unique and so is there ability so each day will be personal to the different people which attend.


Mediumship Number 2


This day is devised for people who can get a basic or strong link with spirit world who wish to sharpen their skills and learn more. On this day we will be covering

  • ·        Meditation
  • ·        How Spirit Work with us
  • ·        Using more from your ability
  • ·        One to one Readings
  • ·        Platform Mediumship
  • ·        Trance Mediumship
  • ·        And more



This Day is very much a working day. Ego will be left at the door and its about spirit world and communication with love which should be used every time. Like on all workshop days they will vary due to the unique people that attend so if you have been before the day will be different.


Mediumship Number 3



This Day has been put together for the more advanced. If you haven’t been sitting for spirit long or struggle with links this isn’t the right day for you. On this day we will be covering


  • ·        Blending with Energy
  • ·        Blending with spirit world
  • ·        Trance Mediumship
  • ·        Physical Mediumship
  • ·        Safe conditions to do this



If you have any questions about this day please contact me



On these very popular days I have a strict limit on numbers to keep the quality as high as possible. All of the days are put in place for you! So if you don’t get involved or ask questions you won’t learn or grow so all are welcome.

If you would like me to come and teach a private group or privately this is possible, please contact me for some more information


Thank you for taking the time to look at this page